Metric Century

Tomorrow I embark on a little adventure that should put me past the metric century mark, starting here at home and riding southwest towards Mercersburg, PA.  Googly maps says 72.9 miles if I don’t get lost.  And I have one day to do it.

Last night I went for a short 15 mile spin with Ross and noticed that a pad on the rear was dragging.  A quick adjustment to the caliper got me rolling again with a mental note to true the wheels today.  And I’m glad I did.  The rear wheel had 3 loose spokes.  As in, I could turn the nipples with my fingers.  No tension at all.  Yet my considerable mass was able to ride home last night without difficulty.  All hail 36 spoke wheels!

I put the B17 on the tourer today.  Hope it doesn’t kill me tomorrow.

The panniers are packed with more than I need (I hope) but there are a few things on my list that require a trip to the supermarket, so I’m off.  If I’m still alive on Sunday I’ll post an update.

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  1. cog says:

    go for it. I’d have a stroke lifting the panniers.