Touring Bike! and ride report

So Friday night I got the itch and headed down into the dungeon to work on the touring bike. One thing led to another and I ended up with a complete bicycle about 1am Saturday. Say hello to Betty.


Since getting everything assembled, Betty and I have enjoyed about 60 miles together. The 30 miles yesterday were easier than the 15 today. Go figure.Until now I’ve been kind of a retro-grouch . Dia-compe center pulls, steel frames, non-aero levers. I am now a convert. The rigid aluminum frame is wonderful underneath my considerable girth. There is no flexing and wiggling every time I stand on the pedals. But most of all, I’m very pleased with the stoppiness of the Tektro braking system. The brakes were also a joy to install and calibrate. I’m seriously sold on modern components. And aluminum. And red Cinelli bar tape. So there.

Put in about 15 miles Saturday just rambling around town. Rode over to the island Sunday morning for the group ride. After a little more rambling I clocked right at 30 yesterday. Another 15 today. Sunburnt and hilly. But now it’s raining so I guess I’m done for the weekend.More pics of Betty here. A bit fat thanks to Utah_Kat for naming her. (Though it was kinda obvious. :P)

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0 Responses to Touring Bike! and ride report

  1. heather says:

    this is so funny. i have a sister named betty.(better known as brat) the horrible jokes that are swirling through my brain right now…

    in other news, seriously looking for bikes for j, cheeks and i. none of us have ever ridden much. (cheeks is still using training wheels on the rare occasions she bikes) any pointers for me? things to look for or avoid? gentle hills in our area and we’d like to use them on trails and roads. nothing complicated or expensive.

  2. the Sloth says:

    I get it. “Riding Betty”. Haha!