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Christie thinks I’m cynical. I think I’m realistic. So just to settle this once and for all, I took the test. You Are 76% Cynical You’re a full blown cynic… and probably even skeptical of these results. You have your … Continue reading

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Door Prize!

Well, not quite.  But almost.  One of my neighbors, who is normally a really nice guy, opened his car door right in front of me the other day.  But that’s only half the story.  About 5 seconds earlier he squeezed … Continue reading

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The Modern Approach to Photography

Mega-pixels, pixel peepers, RIP engines, dpi, inkjet, front focus that, back focus this, side focus, up focus, down focus, fps, fix it in Photoshop, Lightroom vs. Aperture, aperture simulator, white point, white balance, hdr, DA*, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, we’ll fix … Continue reading

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I have a photoblog!

It’s here.  Navigation still needs some work, as does the “about” page.  But take a look.  I’ll try to add to it soon.

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Rock and roll songs…

…ought to contain at least one four-letter word.

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