The Great Interview Experiment, Part the 2nd

Feb 20th, 2008, 2:32pm

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across a link to the Great Interview Experiment over at Driving the Flies. My interviewer was quick and delightful. You can read that one here. I, on the other hand, have been slothful. It’s taken me quite some time to get my act together and actually send off the questions to Heather. (I hope she doesn’t disown me.) She, however, has been prompt in responding. Heather was gracious enough to allow me full editorial reign to edit, adjust and massage her responses. After spending some time doing just that it became obvious that my efforts were not adding to the quality of the interview. So I’ve reverted to the original. This feels more like Heather than my chop job. Enjoy.

1. Why dky? a year ago when i started this whole fiasco, i needed a place holder for a name while i was trying to figure out how to get the damn thing set up.

i knew ~nothing~! seriously. ask any of my regulars. i’m sure they all thought i was doing pretty damn good just to be able to spell my own name.

i spent a lot of time thinking shit like ‘how do you put pictures on it?’ or ‘how do you change the colors in the back?’ and the answer was invariably ‘don’t know. yet.’ well, in the past year i’ve managed to figure some of the bare basics thanks to the help of some kick ass blog buddies. no matter how simple a thing i was having trouble with there was someone there to help me along. often times people who had just figured it out themselves. i’ve never had the privilege of hanging out with a better bunch of people.

of course they’re all fucking nuts but that’s besides the point. 😉

2. You use the word “otherworld” frequently. Can you explain why you use it the way you do? as much as i would love to take credit for this, i can’t. one of the first guys i ‘met’ here was michael from cardiac fantasies. the first time i heard ‘otherworld’ instead of ‘online’ or some other dumbass name, this made perfect sense. after all, the ‘world’ we inhabit on line is just as real and influencing as what everyone else was refering to as ‘irl’. bullshit. half the time i’m more real here than i ever am in otherworld. no matter what i need to get off my chest or what drivel, dumb ass quotes, pictures and general blather there’s bound to be someone out here listening. i can’t always say that for otherworld.

you’ve been missed michael. things just don’t seem so, uhmm, naughty, around here without you and your innuendos.

And what made you decide to use it in the first place? uhmm, can the above suffice to answer this too?

3. Favorite drink? i’m seasonal. and serial monogamist. (wow! big words!) winter favs include coffee with dr mcgillicuddy’s vanilla schnapps. hot chocolate with regular doc or cider with the captain. summertime means hard teas and lemonades. i love mojito’s and tons of lime but i have to learn how to make them at home. i never have cause i’ve only seen the big party sized shit or a bottle that will either last me the next 5 years or kill me in the next 6 months. i can’t afford that amount of temptation in the house. (i’m an alcoholic to boot)

4. Why did you start blogging? lol, the answer to that should be obvious after my previous answers. i’m in need of some, well not major, but yeah, 6 months of weekly therapy sessions wouldn’t be a bad guess i think.

5 a. How’s life in the cube farm treating you? no complaints from here. i’ve been there for 6 months and just got my second raise without having to take on added responsibilities. i enjoy the job itself for the most part and i work with a good group of people. we’re all pretty casual. professional but casual. i think it’s a good fit.

b. What, exactly, do you do? amazingly enough, the same woman who couldn’t figure out how to write a ‘post?’ does tech support. even more amazing, i do tech support for a navigational device. while a paper bag won’t stop me, a block or two from 2 or 3 well known roads… somebody better send a damn search party if cheeks isn’t with me. thank god she’s like her dad. they both have their own internal gps systems. i’d be afraid for someone from child protective services to find out just how many times i’ve had to rely on my daughter to get us to somewhere i could get home from. since she was old enough to scream ‘turn that way mommy’ and later on, do you want to drive around for a while or do you want to know the right way home? (fucking smart ass kid! great, she got the fucking gps from daddy and the really amazingly selfish, bitchy, and negligent attitude from her mother. i wish that woman would get her shit together. )

*edited during linking, holy shit! did you guys know you can add more than one picture at a time!*

*frightening isn’t it?*

c. If you could do anything you wanted for a living, what would it be and why? ~anything~ ???




i’d sit on my ass and watch tv with my kid. or mess around on the computer. or do things like go to the zoo or a park. i live 4 miles from the lake. i went ~twice~ last year. that’s it.

i have a seven year old daughter who hardly knows who her mother is.

in an odd, gender reversed, maybe not always law abiding, way, j and i are the all american family as depicted by the likes of norman rockwell. no wonder we’re a bit off. lol.

6 a. You’ve mentioned your own depression a few times. Can you elaborate on that? i’ve suspected for years that i am clinically depressed. giving birth seems to have clinched

it for me. i haven’t actually gone to see a professional though. it’s easier to remain detached and kinda sleep through life.

b. How do you deal with it, and how do you think it affects the people in your life?

while i’m fully aware that j and cheeks are both shortchanged by my detachment i have yet to take a strong, pro-active step in the right direction. i tend to make half-hearted attempts on an irregular basis instead. winter time is the worst. i don’t remember the last winter i went through that didn’t have me thinking of holing up in some distant apartment with the cats until the sun started shining again.

c. How does your mother fit into this? this is definitely a learned behavior on some fronts. i learned it from one of the best. on top of it she is a manipulative, conniving ‘oh poor little me’ pain in the fucking ass. and i can’t deal with her shit, my shit, my husband’s (bi-polar) shit and still hold it together enough to do cheeks justice as a parent and not continue this vicious cycle. sad to say, both of my sister’s have been caught in the cross fire here too. i haven’t been there for either of them the way a sister, forget about the oldest, should be.

7. Favorite movie? right this minute? how about a music video instead? right now it’s staind doing ‘outside’ w/ fred durst and aaron lewis. 20 minutes ago it was seether and amy lee singing ‘broken’. as for movies, i was checking out the netflix que earlier. i can’t wait to see ‘howl’s moving castle’ again. ‘pcu’ is in my que too. also an old fav along with ‘the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy’. tons of stuff. the job with the single best perks i’ve ever had was at a video store while i was pregnant with cheeks. free movies and an excuse to sit on my ass and eat. 🙂 i ~loved~ being pregnant. i don’t think i’ve been truly happy for more than a few days, or hours, at a time.

8 a. How long has it been since you’ve had a cigarette? now here’s the part where i either tell a bald-faced lie and let the guilt slowly eat at me or i just say fuck it and tell the truth.

2 minutes ago.

b. Do you still have cravings and, if so, how do you handle them?

i light one up.

9. I measure my own coffee intake in pots per day. How much do you drink? on a work day i take a full pot with me in a thermos and a full travel mug. and i usually gulp down a cup before i leave the house. and a pot after work shared with j. on a day off though the two of us go through 6 or 7 pots easy.

10. Favorite 80s hair band? this is a tough one. it all depends on my mood. i loved everything from air supply to kiss to bon jovi. for hair bands though, i’d probably say def leppard. ‘pour some sugar on me’ is an all time fav. along with a bunch of there other stuff. i got into ratt too though. or poison.

man, what a good/bad decade that was. 🙂 i’ve been watching freeks and geeks. i wish i had checked it out a bit more before adding it to the que. they only made one season. that sucks.

And there it is, folks. Heather and I are more alike than she’d probably care to admit (other than our taste in music). Hell, anyone who knows me wouldn’t admit to being even remotely similar. Here’s to a lot more dky!

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1. heather wrote:

boy, i swear a lot don’t i? and it seems to me that you would be the one not wanting to admit to the similarities. 🙂
Posted 22 Feb 2008 at 6:50 am ¶ ≡ Edit
2. Tera wrote:

Scott, that was a fantastic interview! I definitely learned a thing or two about my friend Heather! 🙂 Awesome questions!
Posted 26 Feb 2008 at 11:54 am ¶ ≡ Edit
3. admin wrote:

Heather – you don’t swear any more than I do. Though you might do it more frequently through your keyboard…… 🙂

Tera – thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that I could out some of those skeletons in Heather’s closet. 😉
Posted 28 Feb 2008 at 9:39 am ¶ ≡ Edit

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