Support the National Childhood Cancer Foundation

You know you want to.  The National Childhood Cancer Foundation is one of the noblest organizations on the face of the planet, and a little of our own money can help them continue their work.  If you wanna have some fun in the process head over to Mark’s PDML Shop and pick up some fancy-schmancy schwag.  All of the profits go to the afore mentioned Foundation.  Plus, you’ll get to sport your love of Pentax and irreverent humor both at the same time.  What?  What’s that you say?  You don’t love Pentax?  Don’t make me come over there, because my camera is bigger than yours and I promise it’ll hurt.  Really, though, do it for the kids who benefit from the Foundation’s work.

February 3: 5.45
February 4: 5.6
February 5: 6.2
February 6: 2.6
Annual Mileage: 145.55
Miles to go: 4854.45

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3 Responses to Support the National Childhood Cancer Foundation

  1. Gromit says:

    Thanks for the plug Scott. We’ve had good interest in the first three weeks of this project. Now it’s starting to trail off and we need to harness the power of the blogosphere to spread the word to a wider audience!

    Oh yeah – lets get that mileage up, OK?

  2. Charlcie says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation and Mark’s PDML Shop benefiting CureSearch! All of us here at CureSearch really appreciate your support of childhood cancer research.

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