Is that a camera in your pocket?

Well, tonight at the Chinese restaurant it wasn’t.  It wasn’t two weeks ago at the laundromat, either.  The camera used to ride with me everywhere.  I was naked without it.  Lately it’s sat at home more often than not.  And two weeks ago, while loading that gigantic quilt into the dryer at the laundromat, when I saw the “Designed for Windows 95” case badge stuck to the machine’s lower left corner, I wished then I hadn’t left it at home.  That should have been my lesson learned.

The cute little number who works the counter at China Cafe wants to be photographed.  She just doesn’t know it yet.  But she’s not the reason I’m beating myself up tonight.  As I strolled through the door, content with the Singapore noodles I was about to inhale, I made it about 3 paces and stopped.  It couldn’t be him.  He’s been gone for so long.  But it was.  At least in profile.  There sat St. Ansel himself, munching on beef with broccoli, glasses perched upon his bald head, and trying to keep the gravy off his beard.  He never noticed me, but the people at the next table did.  And they were staring at me like I was Doogie Howser incarnate.

This happens a lot.  I see people, situations, things that beg for the glass and the shutter.  I just never see them when I have the camera in my pocket.

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  1. Gromit says:

    That’s a good blog entry. You’re getting almost Cog-like there. (In a good way.)

    Of course, the solution to having a camera with you is to get a good camera that’s pocketable. But that involves spending money. Money that ought to be spent on bicycle components. We can’t have that, so you’re just going to have to lug one of your current cameras around. Deal with it.

    P.S. Could you leave a comment, any kind of comment, on my blog? I’ve just edited the PHP code (to thwart blog spammers) and I’m not yet entirely convinced I haven’t &#@%ed up the entire thing.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Gromit! There’s a Leica over at KEH calling my name. And I even wrote a little song about it, sung to the tune of Paul Simon’s “Graceland”.

    I’m buying a Leica, Leica
    Wetzlar, Germany
    I’m buying a Leica

    But I’m not. Because the CFO says I can’t spend a grand on a camera that’s older than my Dad. I guess the 750z gets the nod until I get around to overhauling the Electro GSN.

    BTW, I left a comment on your blog. It seems fine from my end, but the time is off by an hour. I left my comment at 3:51 pm.

  3. cog says:

    How to be Cog-like:

    1. Sentence fragments.
    2. Random appearances.
    3. Existential inquiries into the nature of sentence fragments and random appearances.

  4. Gromit says:

    Thanks for the tips. Nice to be COGnizant of that.

  5. Jerome says:

    Followed the link over here from the PDML. As a photo enthusiast, you should know that this blog’s word-to-picture ratio is totally unacceptable. I’ll be filing a complaint and coming back to check on your progress accordingly.

    So put your camera in your pocket… and upload some photos :o)

  6. admin says:

    Jerome, you caught me. I added a page, linked at the top right, with links to my current photo pages.

  7. Jerome says:

    No…no… that doesn’t count. I mean content relevant photos to complement your blog entries… mostly for slow readers like me who lose focus if the paragraph-to-pretty-picture ratio gets out of wack.

    Anyway, of course I’m just giving you a hard time. I like the “What to buy me” link, by the way. Quick and easy way to get better gifts. Don’t be shocked if you see it on my blog in the near future. Hey imitation is the best form of flattery, right?