New Year’s Revolutions

Yep, reVolutions. But only because it’s kitschy and most of my resolutions are bike-related. The past decade has been devoid of those insane promises to do stuff I have no intention of doing. And I’m not about to resolve to “not eat so much junk food” or “spend a little less on beer” or something equally worthless. New Year’s Resolutions should mean something significant. They should require effort and will power. I exert little and have none. But this year is going to be different. I really, really promise. So here they are, my first New Year’s resolutions in at least 10 years:

  • I’m going streaking! No, not nekkid. I’m talking about daily bike rides. No matter how bad the weather, how sick I am, or how impractical it may be, I will ride a bicycle every single day in 2008. I’m not promising how substantial the bad weather (or sick cyclist) rides will be, but the nearest 24 hour supermarket is 1.2 miles away. So at the very least I’ll ride there and buy some cold medicine.
  • Five-thousand miles! I’m gonna ride my bicycle five (count ’em, 5) thousand miles in 2008. That’s 96 miles and change per week, or 13.7 miles per day. That means I gotta kick ass this spring, summer, and fall, because 2.4 mile trips to the grocery store this winter and next just ain’t gonna cut it. Fortunately, I have some 2 and 3 day tours lined up. Those should help.
  • I should quit smoking. It’s expensive and it’s probably killing me. Not to mention that it aggravates my acid reflux problems, smells awful, and makes my wife mad (but I look so cool). We’ll see how this goes. The streak and 5,000 miles resolutions will probably be easier than this one.
  • I’m going to lose at least 30 pounds. I figure with the streak and the mileage, this should be easy. I can probably even eat more junk food and spend more on beer.
  • I’m voting for Ron Paul! There’s some revolution for you.

Peace to you all. Have a wonderful new year, and may your resolutions be more sane than mine.

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