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A bicycling year in review, 2007

From my response to a query on the iBOB mail list titled “Tried and liked, 2007”. You can expect future entries based on each and every one of these. Consider this your only warning. Liked: 1. Cycling. After an 8 … Continue reading

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Elementary, my dear

Looks like I ought to be writing books for children. My good friends Doug and Jostein are a bit more up to your level, I’m sure.

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New Year’s Revolutions

Yep, reVolutions. But only because it’s kitschy and most of my resolutions are bike-related. The past decade has been devoid of those insane promises to do stuff I have no intention of doing. And I’m not about to resolve to … Continue reading

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Killing Trees for Baby Jesus

This morning we took our annual pilgrimage to the Christmas tree farm, so we could pretend we were walking in the neatly planted rows of the forest. We just happened to see several trees that were suitable. The first, which … Continue reading

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Yet another Continental update

SUV’d my way over to the LBS yesterday with both of my girls. Kept a tight grip on the Molly and told the Megan not to touch anything. They were surprisingly good, only picking up a few pink and purple … Continue reading

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