Continental! update

Overhauled the pedals, bottom bracket and crank parts last night. There was no grease in any of it when I took them apart. The pedals were full of rusty looking brown water. A little WD-40 and elbow grease got most of the grime off. A long soak in mineral spirits followed by a good scrubbing with an old toothbrush and some steel wool made it all nice and shiny. After reassembling the pedals and dry fitting the bottom bracket and crank, I went to work on the exterior parts with more steel wool and Brasso. It’s amazing how pretty all this stuff can be after sitting outside for years.

I’ve decided to “fix” the bike. As the Continental isn’t exactly a classic, I’m trying to do this on the cheap. Over at the Fixed Gear Gallery they have the occasional bike building contest. I didn’t know anything about that last one until the deadline was long gone, but keeping with the spirit of their Path Racer contest I’ve decided to stick to the rules. $187. No more. Hopefully less. Using as much of the existing components will be necessary. Here’s the current breakdown –

Christie ordered a cheap wheel set for me – front and rear track wheels, 14t cog and a lock ring. It’s supposed to be a Christmas gift. If I have anything to say about it, this old girl will be rolling by mid-December. $92 after shipping.

A set of Nashbar toe clips that were originally intended for the other ride, but were soon replaced. $8

Of course, the bike was free.

That leaves me with $87 to buy tires, tubes, rim tape and cabling for the brakes. Hopefully, I won’t need much more than that.

Bonus! I want to end up with about a 75″ gear. The existing small chain ring is 39t (I took the 52t and guard off last night). Combined with the 14t cog, that puts me at 74-point-something with 28mm tires. Score!

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