Zefal hpr update

Yesterday I spent a few words griping about a frame pump (Zefal hpr Graph) that failed prematurely. After the bike shop greased the pump it seemed to be working. They made it clear that without a receipt they wouldn’t refund or exchange it. Fair enough. It even says that on their receipts. But still, how hard would it have been for them to swap it out for an identical pump and send the bad one back to their distributor? After two more uses it failed again.

I spent about an hour digging through the French/English jumble that is Zefal’s web site looking for technical documentation, warranty information, an email address for someone who might be able to address the situation, and found nothing. Nada. So I shot my mouth off at mtbr.com. A couple minutes later I saw the plain-as-day contact link at the top of Zefal’s site. Doh! So I clicked the linky, typed them a message, and clicked send. Pop up window. It says, “votre message a bien ete envoye. nous vous repondrons des que possible.” WTF? I don’t speak French. Babelfish tells me that means they received my message and someone will get in touch with me. Phew.

If I had been smarter about this I would have waltzed into ex-LBS, bought an identical pump, and then returned, receipt in hand, a few days later with the bad pump. Worst case scenario – same boat I’m in now. On the other hand I might have a working pump right now.

Strapping the floor pump to the bike is getting old fast.

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