Training log

Thursday is an off day. So I didn’t ride last night, even though I should have. Wednesday is the “Wednesday Ramble” with the local cycle club. It’s a slow ride (about 10 mph) that’s supposed to last an hour or so. This last one ran an hour and a half and we still only went 11 miles. We had a new ride leader and the route she plotted put us on quite a few busy streets with too much traffic. She’ll figure it out and the ride will get better, I’m sure. Wednesday’s ride also started in a different spot than usual. 3.2 miles to get there, as opposed to 1. So I really got in about a 17 mile ride and I wasn’t dead upon arrival back home. Wheee! Off on a long weekend today. Probably no riding until Monday.

On the plus side, Mom and Dad gave me a Brooks saddle for my birthday. I got it yesterday. Man, it looks snazzy. I can’t wait to get some miles on her.

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