Training log

I feel like total crap. Head cold, unproductive cough, swollen sinuses and lots of snot. Been like this for a week. I totally blew off Saturday’s 20 miler. Friday was supposed to be a fast 9, but I went for an easy spin across the river and rode down Harrisburg’s riverfront. They have a nicely lighted bike path that connects to the Green Belt. Stopped at City Island on the way over the river just in time for the ball game to let out. Whee.

Sunday was fun. Hooked up with some fine folks from the Harrisburg Bicycle Club for a 12 or 13 mile ride, followed by breakfast. I skipped breakfast. The guy riding his tandem solo didn’t think my joke about his stoker falling off was very funny. Apparently, he had heard it once or twice before, which confirms that I am, in fact, an idiot.

Last night’s ride turned into a trip to Wally World. For groceries. In the SUV. I’m out of excuses, but the training schedule says today is an optional ride. I ate two burgers and two hot dogs for dinner. Maybe I ought to make up last night’s ride. 10 miles. At least.

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